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IJU's Show-Cause notice to K.Sreenivas Reddy (February 13, 2011)


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                                                                                           Dated: 13.02.2011


Shri K. Sreenivas Reddy,
Secretary-General, IJU
Flat No. A-6, B.N. Reddy Towers, Opp. Skyline Theatre
Domulguda, Basheerbagh
Hyderabad. 500029

Subject: Show-Cause Notice for your Anti-Union activities.

Dear Shri K. Sreenivas Reddy,

 It has taken several years and hard-work of dedicated members of the Union all over the country to develop the clean image of Indian Journalists Union (IJU). But due to your following anti-Union activities the unity, integrity and image of IJU has been tarnished;

I. In May 2010 the name of Shri D. S. Ravindra Doss was nominated by me as the President, IJU with the consultation of other office bearers for participating in the IFJ Congress in Spain. This nomination was well informed to you as during that period you were enjoying your holidays in USA. Despite being aware with the nomination of Shri Ravindra Doss you created an awkward situation for me by giving the nomination of Ms. Sabina Inderjeet. It was decided not to nominate this time because she had been nominated for last three consecutive terms in the IFJ Congress. It was also observed by other NEC members that her performance has lowered the image of IJU in IFJ so someone else should be nominated for the said Congress. But without consulting or informing to me you send message to IFJ about recommendation of Ms. Sabina lnderjeet name for representing IJU in Spain Congress.

II. Despite unanimous decision in the National Executive Committee meeting for the schedule for process of IJU Election-2010, on 3rd July 2010 you in collusion with Shri D. S. Ravindra Doss, President Tamil Nadu Union of Journalists (TUJ) and also Vice President of IJU, and Shri D. Somsundar, President Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ), jointly called a meeting at Chennai in the name of `Consensus Election of IJU-2010'. For holding the said meeting only after 15th July preferably after 18th July I categorically suggested to the Presidents of both the said State Unions. Because as per the NEC decision all the State Unions were required to send the list of membership of their respective States till 15th July 2010 to the IJU Secretary General. But the Presidents of both the said State Unions and others blatantly ignored my suggestion and adamantly hold the so called meeting on 3rd July 2010, and you also have actively participated in the said meeting.

III. The most shocking part for the IJU was that a non-member of IJU and patron of Madhya Pradesh Working Journalists Union affiliated with the IFWJ a rival Union of IJU, Shri L. S. Hardenia were invited by you and Shri D. S. Ravindra Doss in 3rd July 2010 at Chennai meeting, and therein he was introduced by you all as a prominent leader of the IJU.

IV. Shri Vinod Kohli, one of the Secretary of IJU, was seriously involved and busy in preparing memorandum on behalf of the IJU for submitting it before the Wage Board for Working Journalist till the fixed date, i.e. 15.7.2010, which was the most crucial assignment for the welfare of the members of IJU as well as entire journalist community. Owing to the said vital issue Shri Vinod Kohli also specifically requested to you and Shri Ravindra Doss that all the office bearers of the IJU should co-operate him in preparing the memorandum and defer all other activities till 15th July. But even after his sincere request to convene the said meeting after 15.7.2010, you and Shri Ravindra Doss adamantly fixed the Chennai meeting on 03.7.2010, and proved that for you people interest of the members of IJU and journalist community is secondary than other internal politics.

V. As per the Haridwar NEC decision you as the Secretary General, IJU was supposed to provide all the State Unions approved State Membership List till 25th July, 2010. But due to your inaction several IJU affiliated State Unions, e.g. Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and etc., were not provided with the required approved State Membership List within the stipulated time as such they made complaints to the Central Returning Officer (CRO), Shri B. R. Prajapati. Further the CRO also received joint complaint dated 29th July, 2010 from the Presidents/General Secretary of the State Unions from West Bengal, Haryana, Chandigarh-Punjab. Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Goa and Kerala about the genuineness of the Andhra Prades¬Union of Working Journalists and they jointly requested the CRO for its verification. Due to the said complaints vide letter dated 02.8.2010 the CRO postponed election process of the IJU Election-2010. But at the Secretary General of the IJU you never tried to resolve the issue.

VI. Your breaking activities of IJU were further repeated in the subsequent meeting held on 03.8.2010 at Hyderabad. In the said meeting including you and same handful persons Shri D. Somsundar, President APUWJ, Shri Y. Narender Reddy, General Secretary APUWJ, Shri K. Amarnath, Secretary IJU and other leaders of APUWJ were present. These leaders of APUWJ directly contacted several members of various State Unions personally and invited them to come to Hyderabad and attend the said election meeting. Whereas the friend State Union has no right to individually call the members of other State Unions for any meeting without the permission of the respective State Unions President and General Secretary. This anti-union act of the office bearers of Andhra Pradesh State Union is not only violation of the federal characteristic of State Unions but also an attempt to break the unity of the members of the State Union affiliated with the IJU.

VII. In the Hyderabad so called meeting derogative remarks were passed against the IJU President and other office bearers as well as other affiliated State Unions who were not ready to ally with the Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh State Unions and also against CRO.

VIII. You have called a meeting of the IJU NEC without the consent of IJU President in August 2010 at New Delhi.

IX. The above mentioned conduct of yours has weakened the unity and strength of the IJU, which was developed in several years by the hard-works of its members. In the ongoing battle before the Wage Board between the Working Journalists & Other Newspaper Employees and Management of Newspaper Industry the unity and strength of the IJU was of utmost important. To overcome the grim situation arisen within the Union, Shri M. S. Yadav, General Secretary, Confederation of Newspaper and News Agency Employees Organisations, fairly initiated to resolve the matter and restore the united image of the IJU. In this regard on 25th August, 2010 the President, Secretary-General IJU and Shri M. S. Yadav sat together and draw a written agreement.

X. Despite above mentioned efforts taken by me and Shri M.S. Yadav, you remained silent in handing-over the Cheques/Demand Drafts received in the month of July, 2010, from the State Unions of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and some other State Unions against their quota-money and affiliation fees of Indian Journalists Union (IJU). In this regard I and the Treasurer, IJU reminded you several times either to deposit the said Cheques/Drafts in the bank account of IJU or to hand-over the same to the Treasurer.

XI. In this regard several times you were reminded by the Treasurer, IJU to do the needful but nothing effective has been done by you. In the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held on 15th December, 2010 at New Delhi. The Treasurer also raise this issue and at that point of time you promised to hand over the said Cheques/Drafts on the next day, i.e. 16th December, to the President, IJU. But since on the next day morning I was leaving Delhi for Chandigarh hence I requested you to handover the Cheques/Drafts to Shri Madan Singh. Secretary. IJU.

Again on 16' December when Shri Madan Singh asked you for the above said Cheques/Drafts you avoided to hand-over the same on the pretext that it is in Hyderabad and at the same time you assured him to send the Cheques/Drafts lying with you immediately after reaching Hyderabad. But again you failed to fulfill your commitment.

The IJU had suffered in the crisis period of deadlock arisen in the Wage-Board due to your above said deliberate act. As during that phase of crisis the IJU was required to consult Lawyers to find way-out to resolve the deadlock in the Wage-Board but unfortunately there was no money in the account. In this regard I had sent you several SMS/E-mails with the request to send the Cheques/Drafts lying with you but even then you did not pay any heed to my request also.

XIV. You have deliberately withheld the above said Cheques/Drafts till date this clearly reveals your intention to cripple the financial condition of the IJU.

XV. It is pertinent to mention that since the inception of the IJU the convention was that the Presidents and General Secretary of the affiliated State Unions are invited for attending the NEC meeting. But in the NEC meeting at New Delhi held on 15th December 2010 you stubbornly flouted the convention by preventing the Presidents and General Secretary of the affiliated State Unions to attend the NEC meeting.

XVI. In the NEC meeting at New Delhi your further disgusting act was that you did not allowed to participate the senior leaders of the IJU affiliated State Unions, namely (i) Shri Mihir Ganguly, President, West Bengal, (ii) Shri B. R. Prajapati, President,Gujarat & Central Returning Officer (CRO) IJU Election-2010, and (iii) Shri Chandra Kant Bhatt, General Secretary, Gujarat, in the meeting. They had come all the way from their places to put some vital issues for the union but they were asked to stay away from the NEC meeting. Your this humiliating behaviour towards the senior leaders of the affiliated State Unions was highly condemned. Your these conducts exposes you that you have no concern for strengthening the unity of IJU but to divide and ruin it.

In the NEC meeting dated 15th December 2010 at New Delhi, inter-alia, you in your own handwriting had categorically endorsed in the minutes that whatever has happened in the past few months after Haridwar NEC meeting should be forgotten and a new beginning should be made.

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.In the above said NEC meeting it was also decided and endorsed by you that for the Indian Journalists Union the President and Secretary-General will prepare the panel of names for the ensuing Press Council of India nominations. In this regard I tried several times to co-ordinate with you for settling the panel of names and for this purpose I sent you several E-mails/SMSs to you requesting to suggest names for the panel from December 26, 2010 onwards but always you avoided to settle the consensus panel of names. At last I prepared the panel of names with the consensus of other office-bearers of the IJU and it was informed you. Then you threatened me to submit your own panel.

XIX. As per the precedents it was already decided in the NEC meeting held at Haridwar in March 2010 the President IJU is solely authorized to sign and submit the panel of names on behalf of the IJU for nomination in Press Council of India. Further in the NEC meeting held at New Delhi on 15' December. 2010 you were never authorised to sign and submit the panel of names to the PCI. Even then you are spreading rumors to misguide the members of the IJU and PCI that Delhi NEC authorised you but not to the President to sign and submit the panel of names.

XX. I was shocked to know that on 9th January you rushed to Delhi by Air and without any authority of the NEC has filed another panel of names for nomination in Press Council of India on behalf of the IJU. Further it is also acknowledged that the panel of names signed and submitted by you consist common names referred by National Union of Journalists (India), i.e. in short NUJ (I), which is a rival Union of IJU and had never succeeded since last nine years in getting its nominee in the PCI. Your this acts clearly establish that you are hand in glove with NUJ (I) and it amounts to treachery with the IJU.

XXI. Your above said misconduct prompted the Secretary, PCI to issue the letter dated 19.01.2011 for asking to you and copy to me for giving proof from you within ten days about the authority and authenticity of the panel of names signed and submitted by you.

XXII. However, as directed by the Secretary, PCI you could not provide your authority for submitting the panel of names on behalf of IJU.

In the 9th February, 2011 meeting which was held for the finalization of nomination from working journalists other than Editors in the Press Council of India to be reconstituted for its Xlth Term 2011-2014, the President IJU represented before the Chairman PCI. Upon discussion with the Chairman, PCI he appreciated that only the panel of names signed and submitted by the President, IJU is authentic, genuine and authorized to be submitted on behalf of the IJU and penal submitted by you and rejected by Chairman but since you have joined hand with NUJ (I) Mr. Arun Kumar (Bihar) and Mr. K. Amarnath got seat in PCI on NUJ (I) ticket.

XXIV. By your above mentioned treacherous act has caused severe set-back to the IJU. It has lost its representation in the Press Council of India and NUJ (I) got entry into the PCI

XXV. This makes further clear that the interest's of IJU is of least important for you and you have been using the fair and fighting image of the organization for your own vested interests.

XXVI. I have been reported by the different State Unions that you alongwith Shri S. N. Sinha, Ms. Sabina Inderjeet, Shri D. S. Ravindra Doss, Shri K. Amarnath, Shri Somsunder and Shri Y. Narender Reddy are indulged in dividing the State Unions affiliated with the IJU.

Hence I have been requested by the State Unions that being the President of IJU to take stern and drastic action against the persons who are indulged in such anti-union and nefarious activities, which is threat to the unity and integrity of IJU and its affiliated State Unions.

Shri K. Sreenivas Reddy, Secretary General, IJU, your above mentioned anti-Union activities have forced me to bring Show-Cause Notice that why Disciplinary action should not be taken against you.

As such you are required to give show-cause to this notice within seven days from the date of its issuance.

Yours faithfully

  President, IJU.

PS : I am sending this show cause notice to all IJU leaders



Dated: December 10, 2007