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IJU's Tarn Taran Resolution - March, 6 & 7, 2014


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Kurukshetra NEC Meeting on Nov 18, 2014.

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National Council Meeting
Tarn Taran (Punjab)
March, 6 & 7, 2014


Resolution On Disruptive activities of the defected persons of the I.J.U.

The Indian Journalists Union (I.j.U.) National Council Meeting held at Tarn Taran (Punjab) on 6th & 7th March ,2014, took stock of the journalists movement in the country and the disruptive role played by the defected persons of the I.j.U. While expressed its happiness with great satisfaction the commendable work done by the I.j.U. to energetic the movement ans push forward it . On the other hand those who defected from the main stream of I.j.0 almost more than four years ago are fully involved through their nefarious activities to weaken the movement and break and divide the unity of I.j.U. and its affiliated mighty state unions.

Firstly, they under the influence the news paper barons defected from the I.j.U to weaken it and to derail the movement.

Secondly, they used all short of tactics to break it by offering posts and other facilities to its leaders. But they completely failed in their efforts.

The National Council feels proud that all its leaders and all its affiliated state unions are firm and united and fighting the move of defected persons of Andhra Pradesh and few individual to capture the I.j.U. with back door manipulation. They have a lot of money and they are using it to attract the journalists but nobody is entering in their clutches .On the hand we have a support of over whelming journalists community and that is our asset.

Every journalists knows the I.j.U. efforts in the formation of Majithia Wage Boards and to achieve its awards. We were in the struggle and they were not seen any where near the agitations . We were fighting the case in the Supreme Court to save Wage Boards Award and they were fighting among themselves and the result was that in Tamilnadu, on the union which they are depending on more .divided into three-four groups and each one is claiming its registration.

From the last four years it is more that clear that we have a support of over whelming majority. But they are using the name and seal of I.j.U. We have filled a civil suit in the Patiala House Court, New Delhi for restraining S.N.Sinha ,D,amar ,k.Sreenivas Reddy , Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists and Tamil Nadu Union of Journalists to use the name and seal of I.j.U. After a great efforts evidence was led from our side and opposition parties started cross examining our witnesses. Defense advocate cross examined Mr Kamlesh Kumar Singh ,president Bihar Working Journalists Union on 16.8.2012. The court listed the case for further cross examination of Mr Kmlesh Kumar Singh and other witnesses on 28.09.2012.

But after the 16.08.2012 cross examination they are trying to derail and delay the court proceeding by rasing one after another objections and filling objections in the court. The dendants seeking adjournment on the ground that their council is not available and busy in another court. When again they seek adjournment on the same ground, the hon'ble court giving last opportunity for argument on pending application ( our case) subject to cost of Rs 2000/--- to be paid to the plaintiff . The plaintiff is I.j.U. only.

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The defected persons are totally exposed. They have no nght to use the name and seal of the I.j.U.. We were marching ahead , nobody can stop us ,because we were on right path based on struggle and fight to protect the rights and honour of the journalists as well as other news paper employees.

The historical Supreme Court judgement on the Wage Boards infused in our blood a fresh energy and determinations.

Resolution Nomination in Central Press Accreditation Committee of a defected person of I.J.U.

National Council Meeting of the Indian Journalists Union (IJ.U.) held at Tarn Taran (Punjab) on 6th & 7th March , 2014 adopted a resolution condemning the nomination of a defected person of the I.J.U. in the Central Press Accreditation Committee by the Union Information & Broadcasting Ministry in the name of I.J.U. is a clear violation of all norms and ethics just to denigrate the I.J.U. in the eyes of journalists community.

The resolution said that the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry was well aware that the defected group of IJU is illegally using the name and seal of the I.J.U. we have filled a civil suit bearing no.133 of 2011 titled as " INDIAN JOURNALISTS UNION VERSES SHRINIVAS REDDY AND OTHERS " pending in the court of Shri AshuGargLD. ASCJ/JSCC/MM, in the Patiala House Court, New Delhi, to restrain them to use the seal of IJU. The civil suit is still pending in the court.

Much before the nomination we have duly informed the Press Information Bureau about the court cases and on the request of the P.I.B. We have submitted the entire certified copies of the proceeding of the court. But we did not receive any communication either from the P.I.B. or from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

Suddenly we have found that one Mr. Getartha Pathak, from the defected group of I.J.U. nominated in the C.P.A.C. as a member in the name of IJ.U. by the Union Information & Broadcasting Ministry. Mr. Pathak is not a member of the I.J.U. He belongs to the group which defected from the I.J.U., and a civil suit is pending in the Patiala House Court, New Delhi. Fully knowing that the matter is sub-judice as the case is still pending in the court, even then the ministry nominated Mr. Pathak in the C.P.A.C. and more surprisingly in the name of I.J.U.

The National Council demands that the Ministry immediately withdraw Mr. Pathak from the C.P.A.C and restore the prestige of I.J.U thestrongest journalistsunion in the country having 24 affiliated state union in its fold.

The I.J.U further demands that those officers responsible for this unethical acts must be punished.