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IJU's Puducherry NEC Resolution - March 24-25, 2007


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National Executive Committee meeting
Puducherry (India)
March 24 - 25, 2007


The National Executive Committee meeting of the IJU held at Puducherry expresses its deep concern at the increasing cases of violation of freedom press throughout the country. IJU terms the act of Andhra Pradesh Government to appoint a nodal officer to sue the media who are critical to the government as most heinous act by an elected democratic government. Although the AP government has withdrawn the order it shows the attitude of intolerance towards the media of the state government. IJU also expresses grave concern at the order of the Assam Government to withdraw the accreditation issued to NETV, a satellite television channel of Northeast for coverage of recently concluded National Games held at Guwahati.

The NEC meeting of IJU observed that the media of the country is increasingly facing attacks from government, police army, mafia, and the outlawed ultra outfits. The media of Northeast is facing serious threat from the ultra organizations regularly. The Governments have failed to ensure safety and security of the media persons. The act of ULFA militants of Assam dictating NETV to pack up from Northeast is a serious matter of violation of Press Freedom. The Government failure to act in view of such threat to the media also added to the hapless plight of the members of the fourth state. Similar cases of violations are reported from Tamilnadu, Orissa, West Bengal and other states also which are apprehended seriously by IJU.

IJU urges the central government to ensure security and safety of the media persons throughout the country and to ask the state government to act fast and monitor the situation so that media can work freely and confidently.


The National Executive Committee of the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) meeting at Puducherry on 24th and 25th March 2007, expresses its grave concern over the abortive attempt of the government of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to gag the press by appointing the Commissioner of Information and public relations as the 'nodal' officer to file cases against the journalists and media organizations for alleged defamatory stories.

The government of Andhra Pradesh issued a government Order No: 938 dated 20th February 2007 appointing the Commissioner of Information and Public Relations as nodal officer to file defamation cases against journalists and media organizations on stories which are perceived to be defamatory to the government. The Government withdrew the order on 22nd February when the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and the political parties vehemently protested against the order, which was meant to gag the press.

The National Executive of IJU expresses its satisfaction over the withdrawal of the GO when the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists, the political parties and civil society vehemently opposed such a move. It is unfortunate that such a thought occurred to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is ridiculous that the Commissioner of Information and Public Relations who has to be a coordinator between the Government and the media be sought to be made prosecutor to persecute journalists and news organizations.

The National Executive of IJU urges upon the Government of Andhra Pradesh to purge itself of all thoughts to gag or restrict the media in the state. It calls upon the journalists' organizations and civil society in Andhra Pradesh to be vigilant and act promptly to beat back any attempt to shackle freedom of press.


The National Executive Committee of the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) meeting at Puducherry on 24th and 25th March 2007, strongly condemns the heinous attack on Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of a reputed Urdu Daily Siasat, published from Hyderabad on 20th March 2007 by miscreants while was returning home from office. The miscreants threw bucket of filth on him to humiliate and demean him. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan alleged that the local MLA of a political party masterminded the attack, as reports appearing in Siasat were not palatable to him and to his party.

The National Executive of IJU considers the attack on Mr. Zahid Ali Khan is a direct attack on the freedom of press. It strongly demands the Government of Andhra Pradesh to take deterrent and exemplary action against the perpetrators of the most repulsive and heinous and the political forces behind them.

The National Executive Committee Expresses its concern over increasing attacks on journalists of print and electronic media in Andhra Pradesh in the recent months. It urges upon the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. Y S Rajashekhar Reddy to take immediate steps to protect the journalists from attacks and preserve the freedom of press.


The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Indian Journalists Union (IJU), meeting at Puducherry on March 24th and 25th 2007, expresses its sense of deep dismay and resentment over the Unions Government's inexplicable delay in constituting the Wage Board for Working Journalists. It is strange indeed that the Government should be taking so long to constitute the Wage Board even after announcing its decision on December 18 last to do so at an early date and calling for nominations from the various organizations of working journalists and employers on January 15. As past experience shows, such delays usually leave the field open for manipulations and maneuverings by the vested interests. The NEC, therefore, calls upon the Government to constitute the Wage Board at the earliest so that no room is given to the employers, lobby to scuttle the process.

The NEC appreciates the general concern of the mass of working journalists over this delay and while counseling them to display a little more patience, calls upon them to keep themselves prepared for a struggle if that becomes inevitable. It urges the IJU President and Secretary General to keep a close watch on the goings on in the Capital and authorizes them to take whatever course of struggle they decide upon in collaboration with the Confederation of Newspapers, News Agencies, and Employees organizations.

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The state union also called upon to make a common cause with all organizations of newspaper employees as well as other trade unions at the local level to prepare for as hard a struggle as may be necessitated by the exigencies of the situation.

Dated: April 29 2007