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IJU's Kurukshetra NEC Meeting on Nov 18, 2014.


Kurukshetra NEC Meeting on Nov 18, 2014.

Kurukshetra NEC Meeting on Nov 18, 2014.

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National Executive Committee Meeting
Kurukshetra (Haryana)
on November 18, 2014
Resolution on notification to constitute the 12th Press council of India.

Dear Comrade,

The National Executive Committee Meeting of the Indian Journalists Union (I.J.U.) held at Kurukshetra (Haryana) on November 18 ,2014 Criticized and condemned the notification toconstitute the 12thpress Council of India by the Union Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Government of Indiathrowing all legal and moral norms at bay. IJU condemned the Press Council of India forpursuing thematter violating procedure in arbitrary manner.

The essence of the Notification is “arbitrary, illegal, immoral, unethical and based on partiality.”The press council is aware that Indian Journalists Union has filed a Civil writ petitionbearing no. 3785/2014 titled asIndian Journalists Union (IJU) vs. Ministry of Information and broadcasting and others before Delhi High Court againstthe decision of the Press Council of Indiaseeking direction to recognize the IJU headed by Akhouri Suresh Prasad (SureshAkhouri) and to de-recognize S.N. Sinha as IJU President. The case is pending before the Hon’ble High court and thus the matter is sub -judice. The P.C.I.also derecognized the Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) and the said union has also filed a writ petition in the Delhi High Court andthe matter is still pending inthe Court. Both the Unions made I&B ministry a party in this case. The ministry has by-passed and ignoredthe judicial process and decided to reconstitute the 12thPCI and issued the notification.

National Executive Committee passed a resolution which says this act of theministry indicates that Modi Government has no faith in the judiciary and it wants to destroy the basicfabric of the judicial system in the country which is most dangerous for the democracy.

The P.C.I. played a dirty game by shifting its own earlier stance that the claim of the claimantorganization is free from all encumbrances and that no intra-organizational factionalism or election of the office bearers etc is pending in any court in anywhere in India. The council will be free toreject any claim if such dispute is brought into its notice at any stage during the reconstitution process.

India Journalists Union while filing itsclaim has declared thata civil suit is pending in the Patiala House Court, New Delhi filed by I.J.U. for restraining K.Sreenivas Reddy, S.N.Sinha, D Amar, AndharaPradesh Union of working journalists and others to use the name and seal of I.J.U. and the same is pending in the court and the matter is sub-judice. The I.J.U. also declared that intra union rivalry is also pending in the Tadepalliguda court in Andhra Pradesh. The IJU also submitted the certified copies of the court proceedings to the PCI. In a separate letter the IJU also inform the Chairman of PCI about the pending court cases and all other facts were mentioned in the writ petition, which is pending in the Delhi High Court. But P.C.I and its chairman forgot its own yard stick contravening the law, rules and procedure to help S.N.Sinha and his cronies just keeping in mind that S.N.Sinha will help justic(retired)MarkandeyKatjugetting second term of P.C.I.chairmanship.

Resolution says that I.J.U. was hoping that the justice will be done by the I&B Ministry after fully knowing the fact through the two writ petitions. But I&B ministry sided with the defunct and bogus bodies which have made manipulations to get their berths in the 12th Press Council of India and the genuine journalists organization like India Journalists Union has been Kept out arbitrarily.

N.E.C demands that I&B ministry must withdraw its notification and show respect to law and established norms of PCI.



Dated: December 10, 2007