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IJU Constitution

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Please Note: The constitution of IJU published on this website is not an exhaustive document. It contains only salient features of the constitution of IJU. No claims whatsoever will be entertained based on review of parts of this website documentation.

Right Of Members

Rule 7#

members after giving seven days' notice to the office-bearers concerned shall have the right to see, not more than once a month, the membership register, the minutes of the general meeting and accounts but not other files of the Union.

Dispute over Membership

Rule 8#

A dispute may be raised over the bona fides of a member and redressal obtained in the following manner:

Right of Central and State Organisations

Rule 9#

The union will consist of such registered state union as are granted recognition in accordance of the constitution.

Rule 10#

A union may be formed in any state of India where athere are not less than 7 full members. A union may be formed outside India by 7 Indian working journalists and it may be affiliated to the union if it satisfies the condition of its constitution.

Rule 12 #

No person shall be member of more than one state union at the same time

Rule 16#

A person applting for membership shall seek membership of the union within those jurisdictions he is workin.

Rule 17#

On transfer of member, from one place to other he will be entitled to become member of new unit.

National Council Rule

Rule 22#

Rule 23#

Vacancies in the national executive committee shall be filled by national executive committee and vanancies in the national council shall be filled by executive of the state unions concerned.

Rule 24#

A meeting of the national council is constitutional and valid , if it called by Secretary-General or by one of the Secretaries with the approval in writing, in either case in consultation with and approval of the President.

Rule 26#

The National Council shall meet as and when necessary provided that at least one meeting is held one year

Delegate Conference

Rule 29#

The delegates' conference of the Union constituting its Plenary Session shall transact the following business:

a) To read and confirm the minutes of the previous delegates' conference

b) To consider and adopt the report and audited balanced sheets for the relevant years.

c) To take stock of the work the union and devise plans and programmes

Rule 30#

One month's notice of delegates' conference and 15 days notice of special conference shall be given to members.


The delegates' conference shall meet after the end of two years but in any case not later than 30 months from the date of previous session.


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